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Spur Connectors

If an Entity certified* field device needs to be added to a segment powered by a FISCO power supply, then a 9321-SC Entity spur connector can be used with a 9121-IS power supply and a 9323-SC Entity spur connector can be used with a 9122-IS power supply.

When connected between the segment and the device, it limits the power and with the 9323-SC the current, making the spur compatible with the safety description (24V, 250mA and 1.2W) of an Entity certified device.

  • 9321-SC and 9323-SC connect FF816 entity certified devices to FISCO power supply segments
  • DIN rail mounting.

If field devices are to be mounted in Zone 0, or have an electrical connection into Zone 0, then a 9322-SC spur connector can be used. This is connected in the spur to provide EEx ia current limiting.

The 9322-SC is designed to work with the 9121-IS IIC or 9122-IS IIB FISCO power supplies. This can only convert an ‘ib’ source to an ‘ia’ when the source voltage is clamped to ‘ia’ as with the 9121-IS and 9122-IS power supplies.

  • 9322-SC connects devices located in Zone 0 to EEx ib fieldbus trunk
  • DIN rail mounting.

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* FF816 IS Entity physical layer profile


Produkt kod Beskrivning Nedladdning
9321-SC Entity Spur Connector  Datasheet
9322-SC EEx ia Spur Connector  Datasheet
9323-SC Entity Spur Connector  Datasheet
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