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AS-i Megablock range

AS-i Megablocks are DIN-rail mounted passive hubs for the AS-i network. They connect several AS-i devices to the network trunk cable and provide short circuit protection to the segment. The AS–i Megablock itself does not contain an AS–i chip or communicate over the AS–i network, so it consumes no network communication resources (bandwidth, slave addresses, etc.). They are used to interconnect AS–i master and slave devices that do contain AS–i chips.

Megablocks minimize hand wiring and allow individual devices to be added to and removed from the segment without disrupting network communication. The SpurGuard™ option provides short circuit protection for the segment.

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Produkt kod Beskrivning Nedladdning
A100 4-drop AS-i Megablock  Datasheet
A101 4-drop AS-i Megablock with integrated SpurGuard™ short circuit protection  Datasheet
A102 8-way AS-i Megablock  Datasheet
A103 8-way AS-i Megablock with integrated SpurGuard™ short circuit protection  Datasheet
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