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Intrinsically Safe Fieldbus Barriers

MTL’s 9370/9380-FBx Series Fieldbus Barriers have established the benchmark for fieldbus networks in hazardous areas. They retain the major benefits of the High Energy Trunk technique, while removing the drawbacks associated with conventional, DIN-rail mounted implementations. The result is low cost, safer operation and higher reliability throughout the life-cycle of the fieldbus network, with benefits not only for the plant operator but also for all parties involved in the design and installation process. Features include:

  • Unique redundant capability for super-high system availability
  • Live-pluggable system components
  • Standardised, pre-assembled 5/6 and 12-spur versions
  • Integrated trunk and spur surge protection as initial build or retro-fit
  • Mount in IEC Zone 1 or Zone 2
  • Spurs compatible with Entity and FISCO certified IS field devices
  • Available in GRP or stainless steel enclosures, or as “open frame” components
  • Unique redundant capability for super-high system availability

To download the brochure for simplex versions <click here>

Fieldbus Barriers are widely adopted in Foundation fieldbus networks to connect to intrinsically safe instruments in Zone 1 hazardous areas. But while redundancy is routinely specified for many other aspects of the fieldbus installation - to avoid downtime and lost production – overall system availability has been compromised by the lack of redundancy in the device coupler.

Now, for the first time, users are given the choice of specifying redundant Fieldbus Barriers for fieldbus segments that are critical to the ‘up-time’ of the process. By duplicating the barrier function in the remote field enclosure, the units will tolerate hardware failures without interrupting the operation of the fieldbus segment. In the event of a fault, notification is provided to the host control system, prompting replacement of the failed hardware and the restoration of full redundancy.

Download the MTL Fieldbus Segment Calculator Tool <click here>

The 9376-SP Trunk Surge Protector prevents surges and transient over-voltages induced on the trunk of the fieldbus network from damaging the system's internal components such as the Fieldbus Barrier Module and terminator. Like the 9378-FT, it can also be removed and replaced while powered in a Zone 1 hazardous area.

For maximum protection, the FS32 Surge Protection Device prevents surges and transient over-voltages conducted along the Spurs of fieldbus systems from damaging the fieldbus barrier module.

The Fieldbus Barrier internal system components are also available as ‘Open Frame’ versions, for installation into user-selected field enclosures. These are suitable for applications requiring special enclosure features such as viewing window or removable gland plate, or where multiple Fieldbus Barrier segments are required in a single enclosure. 6-spur (9387-FBx) and 12-spur (9388-FBx) versions are supported. Each unit comprises pre-wired and assembled modular components on a stainless steel baseplate, for installation into an Ex e certified field enclosure without the need for additional internal wiring or ancillary components. Connection facilities are provided for the trunk and spur wiring, as well as all electronic modules needed to support a fully-working Fieldbus Barrier.

For product certificates <click here>


Produkt kod Beskrivning Nedladdning
  1. Redundant versions, Glass Reinforced Polyester and Stainless Steel enclosures  
9372-FB-Px-XX Redundant Fieldbus Barrier system, 5 spur  Datasheet
  2. Redundant version, Open Frame– for installation into 3rd party enclosure  
9387-FB-xx-R Redundant Fieldbus Barrier baseplate, 5-spur  Datasheet
  3. Simplex versions, Stainless Steel enclosure  
937x-FB-Px-SS Fieldbus Barrier system, 6 and 12 spur, SS enclosure  Datasheet
937x-FB-Px-SS Fieldbus Barrier system, 6 and 12 spur, SS enclosure (pre Version 2)  Manual
  4. Simplex versions, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) enclosure  
937x-FB2-Px-PP Fieldbus Barrier system, 6 and 12 spur, GRP enclosure  Datasheet
  5. Simplex versions, Open Frame – for installation into 3rd party enclosure  
938x-FB-Px-XX Fieldbus Barrier baseplate, 6 and 12 spur  Datasheet
  6. Accessories  
9376-SP Trunk surge protector  Datasheet
9377-FB-R Fieldbus Barrier Module  Manual
9378-FT Fieldbus Terminator (for use with –FB enclosure versions only)  Datasheet
FS32 Spur surge protector  Datasheet
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