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Wireless Serial Networking

Serial connectivity is a well established technology for devices on the market today, however providing cable runs for multiple devices can be costly particularly over long distances and can often be a limitation to device selection. We offer wireless serial networking solutions which boost the range and connection possibilities of serial devices such as PLCs, intelligent transducers and data loggers.  Operating over a range of frequencies in addition to GSM/GPRS and 802.11 communication protocols, our wireless serial networks can be deployed for transparent operation in which all devices in the network forward on any serial data to their connected devices. Alternatively, systems can be setup in a controlled mode, ensuring that only the device that the data was intended for reaches the proper destination though addressing. Repeater functionality and encryption further extends the range, allowing secure network deployment possible in a wide array of situations.

Our wireless serial networking products provide:

  • Simultaneous RS232 & RS485 connectivity over wireless
  • Repeater functionality for long range networking
  • Wide frequency ranges
  • Hot redundant standby radio for fault tolerant wireless communication (400MHz products)
  • Digital output for communications failure indication 
  • Remote configuration for easy network access 
  • Secure encryption to protect data

Redundant radio (400MHz system)

Point-to-multipoint wireless serial data transfer

Wireless serial point-to-point link via repeater

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