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Wireless Modbus systems

The MODBUS protocol is well supported as a standard for transferring instrumentation data back to a SCADA system or control PLC. Our wireless solution provides maximum flexibility within a single wireless device, possessing the capability to be deployed as a MODBUS TCP master, slave or transparently route data between devices. This in conjunction with the TCP to RTU conversion feature enables both serial and Ethernet MODBUS devices to be integrated seamlessly into a common wireless backbone. Remote configuration, secure encrypted communications and redundancy on a wireless link level ensure that a reliable, secure network is formed to transport the data.  See Application Note AN9033 for additional information.

We also provide I/O interfaces as an additional connection method, supporting 4-20mA, digital and pulsed signal transfers for direct connection to instrumentation.

  • MODBUS TCP Master or Slave operation
  • TCP to RTU conversion integrates serial devices into Ethernet infrastructure
  • Simultaneous Ethernet, RS232 and RS485 device connectivity
  • Internal registers for data storage / transfer
  • 802.11 a/b/g wireless networking for global license-free operation
  • Individual poll timeout registers to indicate communications status

Stand alone wireless MODBUS transfer system between two slave devices

MODBUS SCADA integration example

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