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Wireless in Hazardous Areas

Our business dispels the myth about having equipment located in a hazardous area resulting in limitations on performance or technology selection. We combine the functionality and interoperability of proven technology with intrinsically safe design at its core. Our wireless hazardous area solutions are 802.11 compliant and have well supported Ethernet interfaces which can simultaneously provide power and data communications though a unique intrinsically safe power over Ethernet connection (PoEx). PoEx technology provides ease of connection while in hazardous area, is live workable and easy to maintain which reduces operational costs and promotes safer operation. When compared with equivalent Ex d solutions, our solution offers a physically smaller, lighter and lower cost of ownership product.
Our products feature selectable frequency ranges (2.4GHz and 5GHz bands), WDS (wireless distribution system) and 108Mbps data rates which ensure that your network can be deployed to avoid interference and give maximum signal coverage where required. Systems can be setup to simply provide a point to point Ethernet link or to give an operator access to the network while in the field as per conventional 802.11 networks.

Our hazardous area products possess the following capabilities:

  • Mounting in Zone 1 Div 1 / Zone 2 Div 2
  • 802.11 a/b/g wireless connectivity for maximum device support
  • Intrinsically safe power over Ethernet (PoEx) or two-wire options
  • WDS (wireless distribution system) access point to access point communication for maximum coverage


Point-to-point wireless Ethernet links in hazardous areas



Wireless network connectivity in hazardous areas


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