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Wireless Ethernet Networking

Ethernet is seeing major growth in the process market for both network and field connections for bringing data back to the control room. Our business provides complete support for this growing technology, maximising the potential for easy network access and process data transfer. Our wireless Ethernet solutions can cover both hazardous (Zone1, Div 1, Zone 2, Div 2) and safe areas, providing secure networking for remote devices and/or mobile operators. Wireless connections can be made available over 802.11, GPRS / GSM and lower frequencies for increased range giving a complete portfolio suitable for full network infrastructure or device to network connections. We can also add value by introducing PPP serial connections over 802.11 networks further increasing the types of devices that can be connected through an 802.11 infrastructure.

Our wireless Ethernet solutions feature:

  • 802.11 a/b/g connectivity for interoperability with existing networks
  • STP (spanning tree protocol) for redundant wireless links
  • WDS (wireless distribution system) for access point to access point communication, improving network deployment options
  • Secure WPA (AES) encryption
  • Router operation for connection between two Ethernet networks
  • Selectable transmit power to suit application

Multiple access points, one Ethernet connection


Access point with multiple clients


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