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Process Signal Multiplexing

Cable marshalling and milliamp loop connections present significant cost and time during installation.  These costs can be reduced through our Serial I/O to multiplexer by taking 16 digital or 8 digital with 8 analogue connections into a single device and transmitting the data over MODBUS.  When interfaced with one of our wireless network, complete wireless I/O multiplexing systems can be deployed which maximise the opportunities of connections while significantly reducing cabling infrastructure.  The I/O data can be transferred to outputs, re-creating the signal in a different location or made available to a SCADA / DCS or PLC though MODBUS protocol.

Our Process signal multiplexing delivers the following features:

  • Three I/O versions with configurable input and output types
  • MODBUS or Exception reporting protocol selectable
  • RS232 and RS485 ports for standard connection to MODBUS master or into MTL wireless networks
  • 0-20mA, 0-10V, pulsed and digital I/O available
  • Router operation for connection between two Ethernet networks
  • Selectable transmit power to suit application

I/O to MODBUS RTU interface

I/O interface to MODBUS TCP over wireless

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